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LABEL - American Clave

AMCL 10431998KIP HANRAHANA thousand nights and a night (Shadow Nights-2)
AMCL 10302000 VARIOUS ARTISTSDeep Rumba : A calm in the fire of dances
AMCL 10281999MILTON CARDONACambucha (Carmen)
AMCL 10271992KIP HANRAHANExotica
AMCL 10261993KIP HANRAHANAnthology Vol. 2
AMCL 10232001ALFREDO TRIFF21 Broken Melodies At Once
AMCL 10201993KIP HANRAHANAnthology Vol. 1
AMCL 10161990KIP HANRAHANTenderness
AMCL 10151988 VARIOUS ARTISTSConjure : Cab Calloway Stands In For The Moon
AMCL 10131986ASTOR PIAZZOLLANuevo Tango : Hora Zero
AMCL 10121987KIP HANRAHANDays and nights of blue luck inverted
AMCL 10101986KIP HANRAHANVertical's Currency
AMCL 1008/91986KIP HANRAHANDesire Develops An Edge
AMCL 10071981KIP HANRAHANCoup de tête
AMCL 10061986 VARIOUS ARTISTSConjure : Music for the Texts of Ishmael Reed